Wood Porch Roof Plans


Porch roof plans – A while will make a porch more useful, whether it’s on the front, side or back of a house of foreclosure porch from sun, rain and snow. A veranda should be designed to fit the house and consist of materials corresponding to the house. For example, a porch with steel posts and a wavy metal roof will take place at an English colony brick house. The simplest porch style that can be made to work with any architecture is a half-roof, which slopes only one direction.

How to build porch roof plans. Measure the veranda with a tape measure to calculate a slope at least 2 inches per foot and preferably more; a wide porch will usually have a more gradual slope or pitch. Find a place on the house to fasten, tall enough to provide a slope with posts on the outside edge 8 feet high. Determine the number of posts needed by no more than 8 feet between posts on both sides and front. Install posts or columns in metal post brackets, with a plate on the floor and four raised sides to hold the positions. To attach them to the porch floor with galvanized screws for wood or concrete screws to a concrete floor. Enter the positions in place, measure to ensure they are the correct height and even on tops, plumb them with a level and secure them with galvanized screws through holes in brackets. Run all screws with a power screw gun.

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Take side-side from the house to attach a 2 x 6 inch finance board to support this end of the wood porch roof plans. Highlight the height of the connection and snap a level chalk line for the bottom of the Board’s Finance. Sew in Finance temporarily place with a hammer and framing nails. Drill pilot holes with a drill through finance in wall plates or rivets and buckle in the finance module with long-leg bolts, with a bolt head and a screw point, driven by a ripple wrench.



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