Wonderful Sun Porch Flooring Ideas


Sun porch flooring ideas – A screened-in porch is a place for breathing space. Offering a blast of fresh air yet protected and shaded from factors, a screened-in porch can be a favorite place to read, relax and socialize. When choosing a floor option for a screened-in porch, consider the overall appearance you want to go to: rustic, polished, artistic or clean and simple. The mind is open, you can make an attractive choice. Smooth wooden planks look attractive in a screened-in porch. Sunshine walks along the balcony floor, highlighting smooth or distressed oak or pine floors. Wood is an ideal alternative if you live outside a maritime climate. While some wood is more water and moisture resistant – like cedar – they are still prone to some skew. Oak and pine wood floors look particularly stunning when topped with other wooden furniture, such as wicker chairs and tables.

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Creative linoleum sun porch flooring ideas provide an interesting option for homeowners who want to show off the color and the pat’s in the screened-in porch. While you can choose a simple wood-look linoleum pattern or basic plain colored linoleum, you can also cut out strips of colored and textured linoleum to puzzle a kind of floor mural. This floor is ideal for enclosed porches – versus open porches – because the linoleum must be protected from wind, rain and hard-hit sunshine as you would have a veranda without screens or window shades to pull down.

For a Spanish courtyard look, lay the terracotta tile. Terracotta sun porch flooring ideas come in the big square about one foot long on all sides and in small squares and round shapes. Terracotta is cool under your feet, so this is a perfect flooring option if you have a screened-in porch that gets a lot of shade. This type of tile is still cooler than other tiles, even in the hot sun. When choosing a terracotta tile, think about how much traffic your veranda becomes, because terracotta is prone to cracking over time.

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