Why is Some Porch Roof Ideas Painted Light Blue?


Porch roof ideas – A southern tradition spread to other regions of the United States, blue ceilings relate to feelings of comfort and warmth. Homeowners can paint a porch thanks blue for many reasons, the simplest of these are they simply like how it looks. Blue is a soothing color that calms and relaxes many people. The tradition began with the African tribes Gullah and Geechee in Carolinas when they identified the blue color that could hold away evil spirits. They called liquor paints and painted the trim in their homes and the porch ceilings with paint blue. The blue ceiling eventually became a good luck symbol and considered a prey of happiness.

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Some porch roof ideas painted light blue because mimics sky. A blue porch thanks mimics the color of the sky outside the porch, which some homeowners claim the practice seems to extend the day. In other words, sky blue above the porch remains when the real sky fades. A sky-colored porch seems to prolong peaceful and peaceful days on the veranda. Some homeowners insist that blue porch roof ideas keep away bugs, claiming that spiders and other insects confuse the blue ceiling of the sky and refuse to build paths and bumps there. No scientific research supports the statement because no researchers have conducted any studies on the response from insects to the color blue. The lack of evidence does not seem to deter some homeowners from claiming, however.

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Some porch roof ideas painted light blue because tradition. Homeowners in many areas, especially in the South where the mill began, paint their porch thanks blue because of tradition. When an individual grew up in a home with a blue porch thanks or always admired the porch of a grandparent’s home, the color of the veranda is welcoming and familial. Just as vacationing follows generation’s traditions, home decor preferences often follow family traditions as well.


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