Traditional Color Porch Roof Styles


Porch roof styles – Victorian homes are known for their porches, an attractive feature that is much less common in contemporary bungalows and homes. Covered porches of Victorian homes had generally finished ceilings, and the ceilings were often painted distinctive colors along with the rest of the house. Victorian houses, such as painted ladies of San Francisco, are known for their bright and lively color schemes. White is most often found color for a porch ceiling. White has always been popular as a ceiling color because it makes a larger space and reflects daylight effectively. Particularly in the days before widespread electric light, residents would do what they could to extend the effect of light in their homes. Having a bright white porch roof allows Victorian owners to relax a bit more at night while still being able to see each other.

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Porch roof styles cream ceiling is similar in appearance to white but has a slightly duller effect. Bright white has a minimalist and absolute atmosphere while the cream is more easily mixed around in colors and harmonized with walls and floors. Blue porch ceilings have been a tradition in some areas since the Victorian era, particularly in the southern United States. There are several stories about the reasons, ranging from the belief that the blue color discourages spiders to the popularity of blue haint, a color that should be away from the evil spirits a house when applied to porch roofs, doors and window frames. Victorian many houses in the south can still be found with blue roof.

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Although less common than white, cream or blue, the roof of the natural wood porch roof styles had a place in some Victorian houses. Natural wood lends calm and earth atmosphere to a room or a porch, and the wood was often preserved and embellished by repeated applications of linseed oil.


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