Tips on Decorating Glassed in Porch


A glassed in porch – or sunroom is an ideal place for taking in the outdoors in your garden while sipping your coffee in the morning or reading a book at the end of the day. Unlike a freestanding or screened porch, a glazed veranda can usually be used year round so it is usually treated like any other room in the house. But while you can use traditional décor when decorating your screened in porch, it’s usually best to keep your style relaxed and take advantage of the room’s natural resources to create a comfortable, attractive space.

A glassed in porch biggest asset is its abundance of natural light, so you should take full advantage of the room brightness when you enter. Choose a bright color on the walls to create a bright, airy feel for the space. A neutral shade, like white or cream, works well, but you can be more playful with color, if you prefer. Imagine a sunny yellow or soft peach shade to give the walls some heat. If you’re coming for a beach-inspired look, try a sky blue or aqua color. With a bright color on the walls, you can add bold accent shades throughout the room so you can choose a darker color for your furniture, such as chocolate brown, navy or red.

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With its bright, airy appearance, a glassed porch is an ideal place for informal entertaining and family gatherings. To maintain the relaxed feeling, choose casual fabrics when decorating avoiding a look that is too dramatic or heavy. While the windows in a glassed in porch are usually uninhabited, choose the slightest slope if you want to add curtains. Bet on leather traps made of natural fibers, such as seaweed, jute or sisal. When it comes to patterned fabrics, stripes are a perfect option for furniture and pillows because they provide a casual, casual look. Polka dots are fun too, but you can choose any whimsical pattern that catches the eye.

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