Such Sand Wood Porch Flooring Ideas


Porch flooring ideas – Wood planks provide a rugged surface to a porch floor, and you can spot or paint those that fit the style of your home. However, wood has a natural grain that gives it a rough feel if it is not smoothed smooth. Whether you are building a porch or lacquering an older porch floor, you must sand the wood to give it a smooth surface before sealing it.

New porch flooring ideas. Check boards to make sure that the nail heads or screws are under the surface of the wood. Any heads protruding will tear off grinding pads. Attach a coarse grinding pad to a walk-behind shaker. A shaker is a power grinder with handles. The disc on the bottom of the grinder rotates at high speed, but it also rotates in small circles to prevent grinding marks on your tree. Apply shaking brushes evenly over floors, starting at one end of a plank and moving along its length to the other end. Turn and go back on the next board. Switch to a fine gravel sand pad after dragging the entire porch floor with rough gravel pad. If you grind a large porch, you can use more than one pad in each grain of sand. Sand the outer edges of planks with a handheld shaker or in hand with a grinding block.

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Existing porch flooring ideas. Lower screws or nails that extend beyond the surface of the floor before sand. Sand porch, as described in steps 2, 3 and 4 in section 1. If you are grinding off paint, you may need to replace discs often if they are filled with paint particles. Sand around the edges of the porch supports columns and under railing with a handheld shaker, a grinding block or a vibrating sandpiper. Wrap sandpaper around a long thin block when working in hard-to-reach areas.


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