Solar Energy of Flat Roof Front Porch Ideas


Flat roof front porch ideas Рcan present difficulties when it comes to leaking and cleaning the snow, but it is an advantage when it comes to solar power. You can install electric solar panels yourself on a flat roof. The flatness of the roof offers greater flexibility for the panels on adjustable frames to point directly towards the sun. Flat ceilings often large commercial or apartment buildings, providing plenty of room for energy saving panels. Install the solar panel racks bases in the flat roof by screwing to the roof with fixing bolts. If the flat roof is made of metal or other very strong material, you can drill pilot holes with a little metal and place the fixing bolts directly on the roof. If you are not sure about the strength of the deck, attach the securing bolts directly to the beams below the deck.

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Attach tilting frames to the bases that are screwed to the ceiling. These frames can be adjusted according to the angle of the sun. Adjust these frames twice a year, move them to their flat positions in March and in their angular positions in September, allowing panels to take full advantage of both winter and summer sunlight. Mount the solar panels on the tilting frames by attaching them with the small screws provided with the frames flat roof front porch ideas.

Flat roof front porch ideas, wire panels together in a single circuit by connecting the wires to the back of the panels. Install a protected metal conduit that extends from the location of the panels of the main electrical service box of the building. Feed a cable from the panels to the service box through this conduit. Follow the local building code by the correct method of securing the primary beam to the house structure. The primary beam is the horizontal axis, which must be built on board at least 2 by 6, which serves as the plate for fixing the ceiling beams.

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