Smart Sun Porch Designs


Sun porch designs – Coordinate veranda colors with trim on your house for a consistent and attractive look. If the house is gray with a barn red or burgundy trim, paint the porch rails and columns of red or burgundy columns. Keep the floor, the ceiling and all the outer walls gray and paint the rattan and wooden furniture to match the trim. Or, for a house with lots of gingerbread cakes, paint the balcony floor and ceiling white to match the house trim, and pick up the color of the ranger garden in a deeper shade for the trim on the veranda. A pale blue house may have confederate-blue porch rails and columns with midnight blue porch furniture. If your house is a Caribbean fruit bowl of color, go for a daffodil-yellow porch with red, hot pink and orange accents, white or natural rattan furniture and lots of green plants.

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Sun porch designs, an entirely white porch is a delightful chameleon it can reflect any sensitivity from shabby chic to ultra-modern. Paint the whole porch a white, lime white or vanilla cream. Hang plant containers for wild flowers from the railing and paint the container sky blue or topaz. Fill them with red geraniums and paint a porch side table to match the containers. Use striped cloth that picks up red, white and blue for pillows on white porch furniture. Or paint everything on the porch white and heap chintz, blooming and rugged pillows everywhere. Hang a string of pale, flower-painted paper lanterns for soft evening light. And interrupt wire bins with flowers and flowering vines in each gap between support poles.

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If the view from your sun porch designs is spectacular, do not let the veranda compete with it. Paint the porch in neutral shades that imitate nature: be white, pale gray stone or sand. Choose a color that picks up shades of surrounding landscape and let the colors of natural materials look through where possible – a teak porch swing can turn the weather into gray and an unpaved bamboo bird cage holds a bright green snake bunker.


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