Smart Ideas Glass Windows for Screened Porch


Glass windows for screened porch Рare a beautiful design element of older buildings that are well worth a little extra trouble of the frame and re-used in modern construction. They can be used in doors or windows that can be admitted to light in internal rooms maintaining privacy or, with the addition of weather stripping on doors or windows. The easiest method is to set a frame in the window aperture, place the glass against it and then set a frame on the other side so that the glass is sandwiched between two frames.

Glass windows for screened porch, cut two picture frame trim pieces to the appropriate width. This is the width of the glass panel minus the width of the chin multiplied by two, plus the width of picture frame molding multiplied by two. The chin is the indentation at the bottom of the frame picture frame. Repeat this process to cut two pieces of the molding frame for the sides of the frame. Cut the ends of each piece at a 45 degree angle with a miter saw.

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Glass windows for screened porch, nail molding bull nose strips (for interior windows) or wood (for exterior windows) around the opening. Place the glass in the opening, press against this frame. Nail four more trim strips around the window opening, pressing against the glass to be firmly held between the two frames. The outer edges of the glass panel will be covered by wooden frames. As you wish with paint or wood ink. For exterior walls, if you live in a cold climate, you may need to weather strip around the inside of the internal structure to better seal the opening. You want to add a second flat glass panel outside the glass for better insulation.

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