Smart Front Porch Plans


Front porch plans – Building a porch on your cabin puts more than just the value in the leisure property. An outdoor area to gather with family and friends extends the cottage’s living space and helps bring the atmosphere to rest and relaxation. In addition to entertaining, a porch can also provide storage for outdoor items, such as leisure equipment, wood and shoes. With many patterns to choose from, a veranda enhances the overall appearance of any cabin, with the addition of a functional architectural element as well. Check with the local building department for necessary permits, codes or restrictions. Measure the area where you want to place your cabin porch. Mark each of the corners with a wooden pile, tie the mason’s line between them to mark the perimeter.

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Tie two additional lines diagonally crossing each other to form four triangles. Measure the opposite triangles to determine whether the veranda circumference is square. Adjust the placement of the bets as needed. Measure the length of the front porch plans. Subtract 3 inches, and cut a 2 of 6 board to that length. Action 3 inches under the door and temporarily nails the 2 of 6 accounting board on the length of the cottage with 3-inch nail. Measure and cut a piece of Z flashing the same length as the board’s accounting. Slide flashing behind the board with a small lip downward. Remove the temporary nails and attach the board to the 3.5 inch cab with screws.

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Calculate the number of 4 of 4 supports necessary for the front porch plans. This will vary depending on your porch size. Usually you will need a support for every 12 square feet, using 4 of 6 beam construction. Consult a bar span chart to determine specific location, and mark the location of each foot needed for support. Add a thin layer of gravel at the bottom of each hole. Mix concrete into 5 gallon bucket and fill each hole. Wet prefabricated concrete jaws in water, then push each in concrete about 1 inch.


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