Round Porch Columns Colors

Jun 23rd

Round porch columns Рlet your roof stretch over your porch so you can relax outdoors without oppressive glare from direct sunlight. In addition to their functionality, porch columns are available in several colors and configurations that enhance the look of a house, as well. One factor that affects how porch columns complement a home is color. This deep shade of purple is an unconventional choice for a porch and columns, but it can liven up an otherwise common area. This color also conceals dirt and complements potted plants. Indigo columns coordinate well with a purple or white porch and trim.

Round Tapered Porch Columns
Round Tapered Porch Columns

While the fire truck red is a bit too high and impressive to work well with other colors, the cinnabar is dark and dense enough for round porch columns, while bright enough to make a statement. Vermilion red works with white, purple and muted greens. A popular choice because of its organic feel and its compatibility with several colors, green porch columns works well with porch colors from green to red, white and cream. Green also melts well with container gardens and surrounding hedges. Not as hard as white, beige a quiet and subdued choice for porch columns. This color is both warm and inviting and works with porches of green, cream and blue dye. Keep in mind that beige clashes with white and can dive constantly dirty when used to color the columns in a white porch.

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One of the most popular colors for porch columns, white is a bright and highly reflective color that complements almost any color porch. Although white is very beautiful and popular, veranda columns of this color do not hide dirt very well and must be constantly maintained. Gray may sound like a sad choice, but it creates a modern and surprisingly fresh look when you apply it to your round porch columns. This color works especially well with blue, red and purple porches and tires. Rose is a darker version of pink and more muted tones interacts better with porches and tires than stronger pink. This color is compatible with indigo, purple, blue and some shades of beige.

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