Replace Windows for Screened Porch Sunroom


Windows for screened porch sunroom – Converting a screen porch into a three season room can be a rewarding project. The window installation can be completed in a single afternoon. However, you should be aware that if you have to reorder windows, it may delay the project. By planning and through careful measurement, this project can be carried out without accident

Prepare replace windows for screened porch sunroom. Install casting flush with the outside edge of the window open. The new window will install against this casting and held in place of it. Note: Cut a piece of casting 1/16 in. Longer than measuring and inserting casting by bending the casting and allowing it to fall into place. Nails in place with the finish nails. Measure the height of the opening on the right and left sides. Cut a piece of casting to each side. Repeat the process of adjusting, setting and napping each side casting in place. Cut four more cuts for each opening. Measure and cut a piece to each of the upper, left, right and bottom sides of the window opens. Label and set this second row of window lists devoted to installation after the thermal pane devices have been put in place.

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Then to replace windows for screened porch sunroom. Test fits the individual window before completing the installation. Place a small pearl of caulk on stop casting that was installed in the window opening. Place the thermal pad units in place; press them against the caulk to form a waterproof seal. Put casting that has already been cut in format, rather than holding window unit in the opening. Carefully seam casting in place. When the head of the seam is about 1/4 inch away from the vulcanization surface, use the nail set to drive the nail home. By using the nail set, hammer it will stay further away from the pane.

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