Privacy Front Porch Ideas


Front porch ideas – If curious neighbors and by passers disturb time on your porch, it’s time to set up a privacy barrier. If your porch is not covered, consider adding a pergola, a structure that uses support columns in each corner of the veranda to support beams or gratings that form an open roof. A pergola will protect the porch from the warm summer sun and will help you to use floor-to-ceiling treatments to protect your space. But there are plenty of other options to determine the privacy of your porch.

Consider using natural plants to create privacy barriers to your front porch ideas. If you want to close only one side of your porch, consider a medium sized tree, like a weeping willow or an evergreen variety. Plant them far enough away from the porch so the branches will not interfere with the space when full grown. High grass adds a level of visual interest and confidentiality to landmark porches. Front porch that is high from the ground can use potted plants, such as topiaries, to provide privacy barriers.

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Use sharp curtains or bamboo shades on your porch to create an outdoor living space with lots of privacy. Treated outdoor curtain panels are a good choice in all climates and will keep the patio raindrop-free. Bamboo novel shades can be raised or lowered and afford complete privacy from curious neighbors, but they will also keep summer winds outside the porch. They are a good option when you only need single privacy on your front porch ideas. White ski laces lend an exotic and tropical feel to any space. Use the actress leap that is long enough to part of the material to the pool on the floor for a truly romantic feel. The sluggish leap makes semi-private spaces but should not be used in regions that have a lot of rain.

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