Porches and Decks Railing Ideas


Porches and decks – Deck handrails and porch are important for more than just aesthetic reasons. If you have small children or pets, deck handrails and porch can be a must, especially if your deck is a few feet off the ground. You can protect your children and pets by installing handrails around your deck. One way to achieve this is by creating sections of handrails called balustrades. A balustrade looks like a small ladder on its side and is installed between the main posts on a deck. Cut a 90 degree angle at the bottom of every 2 by 4 that you will use for the main positions. Measure the length and width you would like to draw the 2 x 4. Use a circular saw to cut the 90 degree angle.

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Set 2 x 4 in one corner of the deck. 2 x 4 stay flush against the deck beam with the top of the 90 degree reclining angle on the top of the porches and decks beam and the side of the 90 degree reclining angle on the side of the joist. Drill two holes through the bottom of the deck joist and into the bottom of the post. Attach post to beam with stud bolts. Repeat this step for each of the main positions that need to be installed on each corner of the deck. Measure the distance between each main post in order to obtain the exact length needed to create each railing. Cut 2-by-4 for the width and length you want for the bottom and top rails of the balustrade using a circular saw. The same for the bars that will run vertically between the upper and lower rails.

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Porches and decks, lay out the bottom railing by the bars. Drill a hole through the end of the bottom rail and into the bottom of the height of the first rail. Place the first bar with a screw. Place a block of wood next to the height of the first bar. Drill another hole next to the end of the wood block and attach the next bar to the bottom rail. Keep moving the wooden block and add bars until you reach the end of the rail, using the block to ensure even spacing.


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