Porch Roof Framing Style


Porch roof framing – A wraparound porch, called a porch in the south, can significantly increase the market value of a home. Lifting on hiring the porch for parties, family eating or relaxing in the evening attracts lots of potential buyers. A well-designed porch is suitable for future cabinetry, another selling point. The quality of framing materials should replace average porch framing materials, however. Your home porch should add visual strength to the house’s architecture and should be able to resist buffeting winds that will hit the roof.

Sketch size and shape of the wraparound porch. Design roof slope of at least 30 degrees and allow at least 8 feet to the porch depth the perpendicular distance from the wall of the house to the edge of the porch. Build the overall dimensions to complement the house design, taking account of the placement of doors and windows. Choose pressure-imprinted redwood, cypress or cedar timber to construct porch roof framing. You footings to concrete or wood porch under the line frost, using a backhoe.

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Build porch roof framing and tie it to a top financial table with bolts or screws. And then cut the framing with a circular saw, fishing roof rails to slant at the right angle to fit the house roof. Install roof rails at 16-inch centers where the distance between the center of a buckle and the middle of the next is exactly 16 inches. Support tag framing with temporary support posts, so you can add pre-made columns or posts later. Finish on the roof covering, then install blinking with tar, and add asphalt shingles. Nail ½-inch plywood over roof beams before smoothing on tar with a trowel along the house seam. And also cut and fit metal flashing and nail it into place. Apply more tar and install shingles.

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