Parts of Decorative Metal Porch Columns


Metal porch columns – emphasize the style of a building, as well as provide necessary support for the porch roof. They are available in a variety of traditional styles and variations on these styles. They are made of many materials – wood, stone, marble, wrought iron, composite stone and even fiberglass. But all columns have the same basic parts. The axis is metal porch columns pillar, which extends from the ground to the ceiling. The axes of classic Greek columns were slightly tapered cylinders, narrower at the top than the bottom to make them look straight to a person standing in front of the building. Shafts often grooved or shook. Later, a variety of styles were introduced, including large, square shafts and shafts shaped like rope hips.

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The base is that part of the column between the axis and the ground or building foundation. The simplest base is a flat or round block called a pedestal. More ornate bases have a second and sometimes even a third block above the base, often with ornamental surfaces. These upper blocks are usually separated by curved bands. The axis is topped by a capital, which distinguishes it from the roof. Visually, this is often the most ornate part of the metal porch columns, and each column style has its own special type of capital. In general, the capital consists of three parts. The waistcoat, which is usually circular and can be ribbed, is connected to the top of the shaft. Above it is a large block. The upper part of the capital is another block, Abacus, which can be square or circular.

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Traditionally, the shape of a column could not be changed without disassembling the column and replacing one or more of its parts. But today, kits are available to enclose the column, which gives a completely different style. Column wrap kits are usually made of cast fiberglass, even wood and wrought iron wraps are available. It is also possible to purchase temporary wraps to change the look of the metal porch columns for a particular event.


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