Making Front Porch Railing


Front porch railing – If you have a porch that you are thinking of dressing up a bit, can build a porch railing make it really stand out. With some supplies and tools you can construct your own porch railing that not only adds beauty to your home but also provides protection. In this project, an 8-foot rail is made with 2-times-4 inch studs and 1-of-2-inch rails, so adjust the length of the studs and rails according to your configuration. Measure between column posts to get the length of your upper and lower rails. The distance may vary between each column post as well, so check each section to get exact measurements.

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Lay out the 1 of 2-inch rails and attach a 20-inch wooden slat at the end, between these rails, with finish nails. Make sure the end of the front porch railing overlaps at the end of the wood slate. Repeat the same procedure at the other end of the upper and lower rails with another wooden slat. At this point you should have the top and bottom of your porch railing as well as two end slats, so you have a rectangular frame to work with. Measure from each end of the top rail and place a mark every 4 inches across the length of the railroad. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom rail. These marks are the centerpieces for the rest of your wood listings. Attach each slat to the upper and lower rails with the finish nails. Select the end of the upper and lower rails to mark their midpoints.

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Lay out your 2 fold 4 inch studs and ground at the ends in the same way as you noticed 1 of 2 inch rails in step 3, to find the middle point of each. Raise the center of each of the studs with the center of the rails. Spike the top stud to top rail so that stud acts as a roof for new front porch railing. Turn the device and repeat the procedure with the bottom stud, nailing it to the bottom railing.


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