Installing Sun Porch Windows


Sun porch windows – You will learn how to measure and cut the frame, fix the corner clips, roll on the fiberglass screen, and sure to spline. Drive to your hardware store. If you do not have a local Home Depot in your area, you may have a Lowe, or some other building materials store. If not, you can order your materials online. Once you are in the place of the missing window screen, gather the materials, and put them out. Use of the tape, measure the bottom of the window, where the screen will rest. You should see the lip a little, which keeps the screen from slipping. My bottom window measures 34 ½ inch.

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Go to your materials of sun porch windows, and pick up an aluminum frame piece and one of the corners of the frame.  Insert one end of the corner of the frame, at the end of the frame part. Push the corner of the frame into the armature piece until it cannot enter further. This will become the corner of the window screen. Line of the tip of the measuring tape, with the corner point inserted (not visible in the frame, because the frame part is very long). Place the other corner of the frame at the top of the frame piece as if inserted, and mark the piece at 34 ½ “using the corner edge of the frame as a guide. This means that if the clips are 5 / 8 inch, then the 33 inch aluminum frame piece would be cut.

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Sun porch windows, get your metal saw. Place the end blade closest to its side, on the frame piece. With a slight slow drag movement, cut a mark on the frame piece. This sets a channel or slot for the blade, and it will keep the saw from missing the target. Continue cutting the frame piece with the size, by the bottom of the window screen. Next, you want to cut the other frame part just like the first one. You should now have two 33 ¼ inch frame pieces, with corner clips inserted at the ends.


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