Installing LED Porch Light Fixture


LED porch light fixture – Before installing the lighting for our green spaces, it is advisable to first make a map detailing where we want to place the light points, the switches, where we will pass the cables and the ground connection. In many occasions we will pass the wiring that one each point of light by the place that less annoyances can cause us. For example, if we can pass through a path, we will avoid raising the lawn or plants, even if it means a few more meters of cable.

LED porch light fixture, among the tools that will help us in this work are the pliers (wire strippers and long mouth), drill, steel wire, screwdriver, shovel, tape measure, electricity detector, a metal saw And a cutter.  It is normal to bury the cables at 60 cm. Of depth, but we will have to take into account if the place has to support weight. For example, in a road where cars pass, the furrow should be 1 meter. It is recommended that the trench has a depth of 70 cm or 1 meter, depending on the case, and add 10 cm. Of sand to compensate the tensions of the terrain.

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We will never pass the wiring through sandy, marshy or unstable soils. The cables that we have to place under the ground will have to pass through inside tubes (IRO) orange (ICD). To make angles and curves we will use the bends and sleeves. We will use a steel wire to tie the cables to pass through the inside of the tubes.  Once placed in the trench, we will put a red safety net on top, which, in case of having to reopen the trench, will tell us where the cables LED porch light fixture is going. Do it carefully.


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