Installing Hanging Front Porch Light Fixtures


Hanging front porch light fixtures – The lamps with design are important to place in your home as they give a particular touch to your porch, adding a touch of personal color and design. The lamps help make your house look more beautiful. A hanging porch light fixtures offers up, task or general lighting and is a good alternative when you do not have attic access available to permanently install lighting in your home. You can hang a hanging lamp anywhere in your home, as long as there is a power outlet available to power the lamp. You can create a pendant lamp from almost any hanging lamp by purchasing a loft lamp kit from a home improvement center.

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Place an upright locator on the ceiling to locate the ceiling joists in the area where you want to install a hanging front porch light fixtures. Mark the location of the joist with painter’s tape. Drill a pilot hole in the beam of the roof with a 3/16 inch wood of the drill bit. Turn the booty hook into the pilot hole until it snaps against the ceiling. Use a lever bolt to install a booty hook if you are unable to locate a joist. Then, you drill the hole in the wall little enough to accommodate the bent bolt with the fins closed. Screw the lever bolt through the opening and turn the hook until it snaps against the ceiling.

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Hang second hook loot near the wall and above the socket where the hanging lamp is attached to the wall. Repeat the process in step 2 to install the second hook. Hang your chain hanging front porch light fixtures from the first hook at the desired height. Hang the chain from the first hook and hang the chain on the second hook above the outlet. Plug the hanging lamp into the wall.


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