Installing Ceiling Mount Porch Light


Ceiling mount porch light Рsecures the ceiling with a custom metal bracket for the exact type of lamp. To cover the bracket and the electrical wires around it, ceiling lamps have a decorative plate that screw into the ceiling on the bracket. You can install a new lighting device without having an extensive knowledge about electrical wiring, making installation simple for many homeowners. Turn on the old lamp and have someone who will stay in the room tell you when it goes off. Go to the fuse box and activate the switch corresponding to the room to turn the electricity to the lamp off.

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Ceiling mount porch light, remove curtains from the old lamp and light bulbs to avoid breaking when removed. Unscrew the retaining screws on the appliance plate fixed to the ceiling, using a screwdriver, and then pull the ceiling distance plate to reveal the electrical wires underneath. Peel off any old duct tape from the wires, and then rotate the cable nuts so they come free from the wires. Touch the black and white wires with the two bars on your voltage tester to ensure the electricity is not flowing through the wires. If the meter detects an electric flow, turn off the switches and retest.

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Pull the old lamp wires through the fixing tube and the old lamp to one side. Unscrew the retaining screws on the old holder to remove it, and then screw the new lamp holder into place. Adjust the chain of the new light installation, if you have one, with thin-tipped pliers to open and close the links. Pull the lamp wires through the tube into the bracket. Match the same color cables to each other and twist the cable nuts into the paired cables. Secure the cable nuts in place by wrapping insulation tape around the cables and the cable connection. Screw the new lamp plate into the ceiling, and then install light bulbs and shadows into the ceiling mount porch light. Turn the switch back to the “ON” position and activate the new light on.

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