Ideas to Paint Lanai Porch


Lanai porch Рis the first thing visitors and potential buyers see your home; It is both a pattern example, and come warmer weather, an integral part of your living room. Normally constructed of wood, porches take so much, if not more, abuse like the rest of your home, and you need to use a high-grade acrylic paint for finish finally. However, even the highest quality color will not be forever, and periodically you will need to update worn, bleach or peeling paint. Lay tarpaulins near the work area to catch dust and debris, and then put on your respirator mask. Scrape away old paint from the veranda, if necessary, using a hand paint scraper. Collect chips that they fall for disposal.

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Dispose of paint chips and dust collected by hand or on tarpaulins directed by your local sanitation department. Unknown paint may contain hazardous levels of lead, so do not dispose of this in household waste. Clean the lanai porch with a garden hose. If the areas are moldy or very dirty, add 1 cup of bleach and 1 cup of trisodium phosphate detergent in a gallon bucket of water and scrub these areas clean with a hard brush. Allow the solution to sit for 30 minutes, rinse well. Allow the wood to dry, which, depending on the climate, may take a few days to a week.

Fix any cracks in wooden lanai porch with a wood epoxy package. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying and setting the time. Sand-dried epoxy packet with 60-slip paper. Use an oil based primer with a brush. Use latex acrylic seam around the trim and allow drying according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pour some exterior paint in the paint tray. Cave color on the roll, and then use on the porch in even, some overlapping brush strokes. Allow the paint to dry properly between the rocks.

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