Ideas Painting Concrete Porch


Painting concrete porch – It is important to protect porch posts by maintaining them properly. Whether you just install a new porch, remodeling old or regularly maintaining your existing posts, it’s very important to protect them from the elements. This prevents wood rot. With the help of suitable supplies, your porch and posts will continue to look attractive for many years. Prepare the porch post before installing it for best results. Although some parts are not weather exposed after installation, the wood fibers still absorb moisture. This guarantees your posts last for many decades.

Use an external oil based primer with a brush. Follow the instructions on the label. A layer is often all that is needed for primer. Allow the porch insert to dry completely before proceeding. Purchased an oil-based outdoor paint for your porch post. They sip in the wood fibers that provide a thick seal against weather exposure. Wait until the porch is to dry properly before adding other rocks. For long-lasting color, two or three rocks are necessary, but you must allow them to dry between rocks.

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Painting concrete porch parts of the porch post a different color if you wish. Use target tags to delimit sections before applying different colors. This adds color and interest to porches with lots of curves and grooves, such as in Victorian style homes. Wash porch posts with high pressure wash or a garden hose and scrub brush. This removes dirt, debris and loose paint. Allow posts to dry. Scrape away any tile or peeling paint with a flexible wire scrub brush. Dumb of any loose rubbish with a small hand broom after scratching the paint. Cover the porch posts with two or three layers of oil-based exterior paint and a brush. Allow the coat to dry properly between the rocks.

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