Ideas Paint Three Season Porch


Three season porch – A porch is one of the first things people see when approaching the home. Keep the color in good condition to create an attractive and welcoming mail space. Front porches are often built with nuts and spot floors as intersections along the edges to form a solid floor. Painting a groove and spout porch flooring requires attention to detail so that you get an even layer of color over the surface and in small spaces between the boards. Posts, steps, rails, spiders and other decorative details will also require special attention. Sand the entire surface of the tongue and note the floor in the same direction as the wood fibers, use a fine-grit sander to dull the existing color. Grinding can primer to follow properly. Slip posts, rods, rails, spiders and other details with a fine grit detail sander.

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Three season porch, wash off the sanded surfaces with a cloth and bucket of soap and water. Allow the surface to dry completely before proceeding. Holder on an even layer of primer with a 3-inch synthetic brush. Begin with the highest areas in the porch and work your way down so you do not need to place a ladder against wet color. Cut the edges with a 2-inch sash brush. Paint all small detailed areas such as spiders, rails and trim with sharpening brushes. Allow the primer to dry for at least four hours.

Three season porch, use a smooth layer of exterior grade acrylic house paint, with 3-inch brush for large areas and 2-inch sash brush for smaller, detailed areas. Follow the same procedure as you did for priming. Holder in the same direction as the wood fibers. Work paint in small spaces between the planks so the entire porch surface is coated with paint. Allow first layer to dry for four hours, and then apply a second layer.

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