Ideas Hanging Porch Light Fixtures


Hanging porch light fixtures – can be cleaned and painted with intricate designs or bold-block colors. These decorated accessories become totally new creations when they are arranged as artistic focal points in different parts of your living environment. For example, a form of painted plate installation of light of any shape can be activated with the open side facing upwards and presented with potpourri, which serves as a tabletop ornament with functionality. The placement of painted balloon lighting fixtures along tall shelves decorates the areas of your home near the ceiling in any room you choose.

Small hanging porch light fixtures, dome-shaped installations can be cleaned, decorated and filled with assorted candle waxes and essential oils to create decorative candles, in glass jars. A craft store or food hobby carries a variety of waxes. You can also pick it up in gel-wax to create what is called “stinky jellies.” The addition of fragrant oils to the gel in the dome or light cup-shaped appliqués creates scented gels to place around the house or to give away. In addition, these receptacle accessories like can be filled with bamboo oil diffuser rods and to serve diffuser bottles as ornamental.

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Instead of buying pots or containers planter outdoors, different lighting devices can be used to serve this purpose. This is not only the cost to use, but it is environmentally friendly as well. A light apparatus similar to a low profile dish can be used as a pot for undulating plants such as sweet Alyssum or impatiens. Just set it up in a drawer or a table in the yard or in another garden sitting area. Small hanging porch light fixtures like balloons can be filled with potting soil and used as pots in windows. You can also fill lighting artifacts properly with water, marbles and cut flowers for use as eco-chic centerpieces.

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