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Front porch designs – Stonework outdoors can add a lot of living space at home during the hot months. Veranda and balconies are good for bbq, parties or just to enjoy the weather. There are a lot of options out there for materials to use for these projects but get matched durability and visual impression of bricks. The following steps will illustrate how to build a balcony or patio with pavement tile. The first step in building a paved patio is to measure and clean the ground. Use stakes and strings to highlight an area. Determine where the ground should be and mark it against a wall or on the ground. Remove soil, rock or other material in the work area deep 5 inches lower than your ground. If the desired ground level is significantly different than the level of the grass around the work area, consider building a support wall or other structure to support the edge of the patio or porch.

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That the area is now filling it with powdered lime to a depth of three inches. You can get lime from nearby quarries where they will sell it as “waste” or “shake”. Pack lime in the existing soil with a hired compactor or if parts of plywood over heavy-duty lime hold it down. Lime will serve as both a sub cluster for bricks and prevent the growth of grass and weeds. The next step is to make a practice layout. You can use a variety of patterns and types of landmarks to create a design with as few incisions as possible. An ideal scenario is one that you can use whole bricks for the entire project. If the layout shows that you will need to cut a whole row of bricks to stick with your front porch designs, consider moving the edge of the project so that it ends with a full row of bricks. In the project on the picture, a row of black bricks has been added to the edge of the field to avoid cutting a whole row.

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Now that you have your area well-stocked and materials available when it’s time to lay bricks. Fill the work area with another inch of loose lime. Start in a corner and work your way across the narrowest side of your front porch designs. Add bricks one at a time and make sure they are approximately 1/2 ” higher than the desired ground level. Use a small torpedo level to control the degree of brick and use a rubber club to make adjustments. Add lime under each brick if necessary and make sure that each brick is not only level itself but also with surrounding bricks. Continue with this until all the landmarks are added.

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