Ideas for Screen Porch Window Covers


Screen porch window covers Рprovide you with a quiet space free of insects, but still exposed to sunlight and fresh air. These spaces can be serene reading points or lively meeting places. However, if the sun gets too bright, your porch can become a wet mess. Solve this problem with some window treatments. There are several options that protect your space from the sun while making you feel comfortable and live-in. Visors not only diffuse light and give a little privacy, but also can make your porch feeling of space, light and cozy all at the same time. Try some slip-on lace curtains with bamboo rings on the curtain bars and sliding them on the screens of your porch. The breeze will catch you, giving your porch a beach feel.

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If you want to go contemporary, treat curtains with a striped or Vine pattern. Both patterns are lightweight but modern, so your porch looks polished. Or combine several colors of solid curtains. Hang them in an alternate pattern for bold colored blocks. For screen porch window covers, you have to choose your fabrics with some care. There are dozens of outdoor fabric options for both curtains and matching cushions. These fabrics are generally polyester or vinyl blends that resist constant movement and moisture better than more traditional fabrics.

Because these outdoor fabrics are thicker, they can completely obscure your screen porch window covers, if desired. You can also place them to block the sun during certain times of the day. To avoid discoloration by the sun, choose the curtains with a cream-colored lining and face the trim towards the sun when installing the curtains. In this way, you also get to enjoy the pattern. If you live in an area with an inclement weather frequently, blinds may be your best choice. They allow you to block the sun and heat when the weather is good, but offer a degree of protection against bad weather as well. Choose from various styles of blinds. There are traditional shutters, which open and close like doors. There are also double-leaf shutters, which hinge in the middle, so they flush the walls when it’s open. If on your porch extend from floor to ceiling, consider using double-leaf doors such as blinds to give you maximum protection.

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