Ideas for Screen Porch Designs


Screen porch designs – It can be a bit more fun than sitting on a porch, sipping a drink and watching the world go by, but if the porch is not screening in, the experience can also be quite buggy. A good screen can prevent many insects from getting on the porch and allowing the porch to be more of an extension of the house than an outside space. Screens also offer partial protection against the elements, as they will hold out some rain and wind. Measure dimensions of each opening that you will cover with a screen. Add 2 inches in both vertical and horizontal measurements.

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Cut the screen according to the final dimensions. If you cut it with a knife, make sure the screen porch designs is placed on a surface that you do not mind getting knife marks on. Place on the screen an inch above the top of the opening. Staple it over the top to hold it in place. Make sure the screen stays at an even height while stapling it. Pull the screen down and hold it tight. Staple in the middle of the screen at the bottom. Move either left or right and tighten the screen in wood every 6 to 8 inches. Make sure there are no wrinkles in the area before stapling it. When you reach the end of the screen, staple on the other side of the bottom edge.

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Smooth and tighten the pages as well, starting in the center of each side and working either up or down. Continue around the entire opening until the screen is fully attached. Use the saw to cut pieces of lists equally on the sides of the screen porch designs. Losses the last inch on each end of lists at 45 degree so that boards will fit together. If you want to list a certain color, you should prime and paint it now instead of it has installed. Place lists of Stitched edges on the screen. Nail lists in place, starting with the top and bottom horizontal pieces, and then the vertical pieces. Repeat the process for each opening on the porch completely screen in.

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