Ideas for Make Front Porch Bench


Front porch bench – A bench can be a welcome addition to a porch. It provides a nice place to sit outdoors, and even make a home look more comfortable and inviting. A bench is much easier to build at home than a porch swing, too. An average bench can accommodate up to three people and may be a great place to relax. Measure 2 of 4 boards and mark them to cut. You should have two 47-inch pieces and two 9 1/4 inch pieces. When noticed, use circular saw to gently cut discs along the lines you have made. Place recently cut the slices in a rectangular shape with recessed corners, and standing on their edges. Make sure that 9 1/4 inch pieces are on the outermost parts of the frame (cut portions of the 47-inch boards should not be seen), otherwise the bench seat will not fit later. Use a hammer to drive framing nails through 9 1/4 inch boards in 47-inch boards. Use two nails per corner.

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Install front porch bench by first cutting 1/4 inch plywood to 9 1/4 of 50 inches. Place the plywood on top of the frame and use a hand drill to secure it to the frame with 2-inch screws. Use three screws on the short sides and four screws on the long sides. Cut a piece of 1 of 12 boards to 53 inches and place it on top of the plywood. There should be a little overhang on each side, so try to make it centered. Insert the 1-inch screws through the bottom of the plywood in 1 of 12 boards on top.

Complete the panel to support the front porch bench. Cut 3/4 inch plywood into two pieces, 11 of 17 1/4 inches. Use 2-inch screws to secure these panels to the frame. Only one screw is necessary for each side. Reinforce the bench by adding braces. Cut three right triangles of 3/4 inch plywood.

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