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Four season porch¬†– are just as they sound enclosed porches designed for use anytime during the year. In some cases, however, they become a tailor’s box for clutter. Clean the attached four-season porch and make it livable. These rooms are an extension of the living space of the house and can be used for everything from restaurants to a family games room. Few things are more relaxing than a good cup of coffee or tea, a newspaper and sunlight coming in from the porch windows. Set up your enclosed porch as a cozy dining area or breakfast area. This is a good option, especially if your front porch to the east and catches the sunlight in the morning. A round table covered with a seasonally patterned tablecloth and a vase of flowers will brighten up the space.

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Ideas for four season porch. Garden room, closed porches often offer direct access to the outside. For that reason, many home gardeners like to keep gardening equipment on the porches and easily accessible. This does not mean that the porch should offer a lot of gardening tools tangled in the ground. Use a pretty baker’s rack to hang perfectly flat, gloves and a hat. Add a two-seater wicker sofa with a soft cushion for when you want to take a gardening break.

Then game room. Create a bright space, suitable for families, turning your enclosed porch into a games room. First, lay down a thick rug so that the players of the game are comfortable. Use a large coffee table as the playing surface and surround it with soft, comfortable floor cushions. Install low shelves, under the window to store games and books. And then guest room. Set up your four season porch as a room if necessary. First, cover the porch floor with a large, soft carpet. Instead of installing a bed, which will take up too much space on most porches, place a futon in the living room. Futons can easily pull in bed, but are also comfortable seating areas when you do not need a bed. Add colorful cushions and mix a thick warm blanket over the back of the futon – many enclosed porches are not warm.

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