Ideas for Building a Porch Roof


Building a porch roof – Adding a roof to your back porch is a relatively quick. It is said to be flexible, easy and easy to work with. Before you begin, check your local building regulations to obtain the necessary permits. Some cities require a building permit if you connect anything to your home. Ideas for building a porch roof. Measure the length and width of your porch. Then measure the height. It should be the same as the roof of your house; your tag will look under the eaves. Make sure your roof is angled slightly downward by making the front 1 inch shorter than the side facing the house. This will allow for proper drainage.

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Then for building a porch roof. Use millimeter paper; draw a photo of your tag, based on measurements. You can use a square to equal 1 foot. Make sure this is a precise drawing of the way you want your roof to look as it will act as your pattern for the tree as well as the overall design. Place a dot at each corner. This is where you want to place your base support. Identify on your millimeter paper where the house is located. Draw a line each 2 feet parallel to the house; these will be your stiffeners.

Use your millimeter paper as a pattern for building a porch roof, measure your wood. Then measure it again. Then cut wood with the circular saw, and the tree leaf, according to your measurements. Place anchors on each corner; screw them into concrete using the specific screws. Use 2-by-4s to form the frame of the roof. Screw these to the outside of 4-by-4s; Do this on the three exposed pages. Fit the remaining 2-by-4s as stitches across the frame as per your pattern. Cover your roof frame with wavy fiberglass; Use the short screws with rubber discs.

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