Ideas for Build Front Porch Seating


Front porch seating – No porch is complete without a still sitting bench. A good porch sitting bench can sit unnoticed along a wall when not in use, or it can fill in as extra sitting around a picnic table in a snap. Fortunately, you do not have to be an expert carpenter for boats. Your own porch is sitting by hand. With some common tools and easy-to-find materials you can make your own wood porch bench yourself, even if you have never built furniture before

How to build front porch seating. Cut and nail the frame bench base. Put on goggles and cut two pieces of 2-by -4-inch stud at 47 inches, and cut two pieces at 9 inches. Lay the rules on their 2-inch edges, and nail together to make a long rectangle. The 9 bit pieces should mask the ends of the rectangle. Cut a 9 by-50-inch rectangle from inch plywood. This will provide support for the undivided seat. Spike solid plywood rectangle to the underside of the bench. Add 1- of -12-inch aboard the floor, and my bench underneath the top of the board with plywood support against 1- of -12-inch on board. Match the frame on the board so that the board overhangs the frame with thumbs on the front and back edges, and with 1 inch at each end.

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Then to build front porch seating. Screw the frame to 1- by -12-inch on board by screwing through plywood backing with 1-inch screws. The 1-of-12-inch board will be a bench. Cut and fasten the gables. Cut two rectangles of plywood at 11 with 1700 BC inches each. Fit each gable on the seat and the frame so that the short end of each end is perpendicular to the bottom of the sofa, and flush towards the end of the bench the bottom frame. Screw each gable to the bench bottom frame with 2-inch screws. Cut and attach the bench braces end. Cut and attach a center stag.  Turn the finished bench over to rest on the bench gables.

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