How to Wire a Front Porch Ceiling Light


Front porch ceiling light – The easiest way to add a light fixture and switch to an existing circuit is by placing the plug directly over to the wall outlet that will supply power-making wire wiring much easier even if you can power the power cord to the luminaries and from the luminaries to the light switch. The point is to have a circuit with a power supply, tripod, and on-off button. Regardless, replacing table lamps with ceiling fixtures is one of the easiest yet dramatic design changes a homeowner can make.

Turn off an existing circuit that can handle the additional load of the new front porch ceiling light. Make cuts in the wall and ceiling where the connector and the lamp will stay. Make another cut directly above the key where the ceiling and the wall sign up. This hole aids in the fishing cable wired from switching to the luminaries. Do the same to the existing wall outlet if you want to be threading cable from this power supply to the retainer and then to the switch. Mount the connector and luminaire hardware. The contact box is placed directly on the wall, putting it into a stud is not necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the lamp. Depending on the type of light, you can install a joint box supported by a bracket hanging between ceiling beams. Cushioned light usually comes with junction boxes attached.

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How to wire a front porch ceiling light. Wire the leads from the existing power outlet to the switch box, so there are about 8 inches exposed at each end. Use the non-metallic sheath cable, which is rated for current on the track.Connect the hot (black) wires to the brass screws on the light switch. Complete the connections on the luminaire box by securing the ground wire to the grounding screw on the luminaire box and connecting the wires on the tripod to the circuit wires.


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