How to Support a Shed Roof Screened Porch Plans


Shed roof screened porch plans – A shed roof is a typical lining of a porch. The shed or style earrings contained in a single direction, away from the house, making it much easier to build, but still provides protection from the sun and rain. Many more shed roofs over porch are covered with vinyl or corrugated metal panels, but can also be staggered to match a house roof. All sloping ceilings plus porch should be supported at both ends and in the middle, for longer decks. The best way to support the top of a shed roof is to attach it to a wall of the house.

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How to support a shed roof screened porch plans. Identify a place on a wall of the house to fix one end of the roof of the shed; which should be sufficient to allow a slope of at least 2 inches per foot to the high outer edge, for example 20 inches higher than the outer posts for a large 10-foot yard. Locates carcasses to support the roof, rim joists in a two-story house, bottom wall tiles or tacks in a one-story house. Remove the facade of the house with a lever bar at the chosen height and the width of the porch. Mark the location of the posts or other attachment points. Measure the appropriate height with a tape measure at both ends of that area and draw a chalk line to mark the top of a 2 by 6 inch primary beam to extend 1 1/2 inches beyond the width of the yard at each end.

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Then to support a shed roof screened porch plans. Attach the ledger temporarily with a hammer and 16d framing nails at each end. Drill pilot holes with an electric drill and a little 3/8 inch through the primary beam into the studs behind the wall cladding. Install 1/2-inch fixing bolts into holes to secure the ledger, one bolt on each stud or every 16 inches if attaching to wall boards or edge joists. Drive locking bolts with ratchet wrench. Install posts at the other end of the yard.


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