How to Repair a Black Porch Light


Black porch light – Porch lights are very important parts of your home’s exterior, as they provide both security and a decorative feel. Like other types of mounted lights, is wired in the electrical system of your home. If you have a porch light that is damaged, flicker somehow wrong, it is generally not a good idea to try and fix it. Light fixtures are cheap and easy to install that replacement is usually the best repair method. Make sure you install a light designed for external use.

How to repair a black porch light. Cut power to the old lamp on the house fuse box. Then remove the screws that hold the fight against the wall or ceiling. Remove enough access and connect the wires at the back. Shake the light for free. Locate the mounting bracket that came with your new feature. It will be a flat piece of metal as big as that match, with the screw holes in it. Line the holes with those of the box electrical and attach the bracket with the screws that came with the new feature. Then pull the cable ends from inside the box to open them. And also you should have a white insulated wire, a black insulated wire and bare ground.

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Then to repair a black porch light. Wrap the ground wire around green ground on the mounting bracket and tighten. Hold the white wire end of the box together with the white wire end from the light and twist a wire nut over them. Do the same for the black wire from the box and the light. Pack electricians tape around both connections, seal them off. Set new battle against mounting bracket, push wire connections in the box as you do. Restore the power and test the black porch light.


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