How to Remove Metal Porch Railings


Metal porch railings are often installed with vertical stands installed on concrete steps, porches or landings. This can allow water or ice to pool at the base of the supports, causing corrosion and eventual failure of the railing. Replacement will involve removing the old handrail, which can be achieved quite easily with the right tools. Installing the new handrail will not imply establishing new handrail aids in concrete. Loosen and remove railing bolts from the railing by the side of the house. Cut the vertical rails of the railing on the level of the concrete with a reciprocating saw. Make sure the saw has a metal cutting blade attached. Archive of any excess of metal than of concrete.

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And also place the new lane in position. Purchase new best metal porch railings, make sure they are constructed with an integral flange and mounting holes in the bottoms of the uprights. These can be screwed directly into the concrete, it is not necessary to drill a hole or dig the old base stand. This design is also more resistant to corrosion. And then, mark the position of the holes in the bottom of the vertical supports on the concrete.

And then, drill holes with a 3-x-inch carbide drill bit in the marked locations. Position the rail in place, aligning the mounting holes with the holes drilled. Secure the railing to the wall of the house with lag screws. Insert corrosion resistant masonry screws into the mounting holes and screw into holes in the porch with a wrench. The mix of old concrete holes with concrete patch. In most cases this is not necessary, the brackets of the new railing will probably match the location of the porch rails of the old metal porch railings. You can do it with read instructions before.

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