How to Paint Concrete Front Porch


Concrete front porch – Painting your concrete front porch can literally change the entire appearance of your porch. Painting the porch added a layer of protection of concrete, specifically prevent moisture leaks in and strengthen the overall sustainability of the porch. The concrete must dry completely before painting. Prepare the porch by thoroughly cleaning it. Use a mixture of soap and water with a scrub brush. You may need a steel brush to clean a bird stool completely off the patio. Do not take shortcuts. If the porch is not completely clean and free from debris, moisture in residues will eventually cause the color to crack and flake.

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Fill cracks or holes in the dried concrete with brick mortar or cement putty and allow them to dry before proceeding. Sip into them if you leave cracks or holes in the concrete front porch, eventually water will freeze them during the winter and cause more cracking to occur. Place the paint tray in a plastic bag and pour concrete sealant into the paint tray. Specific seals should have special labeling as a moisture barrier.  Start in the bottom corner of the porch door and start coating the concrete evenly with sealants. Reuse sealant to the roller as often as needed. Paint your way back, against the porch door, does not paint yourself in a corner. To seal the sealant.

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Remove plastic bag from the tray with paint and apply a new plastic bag. Check the concrete front porch and sweep away or wash the trash from the patio. If the porch is wet, allow it to dry completely before painting. Pour the concrete front porch color into the tray. Roll a new clean roller brush in the tray, coating the brush. Start on the most distant corner from concrete front porch and work back towards the porch door. Recycle paint to brush as often as needed. Allow the paint to dry completely. The concrete porch is now painted.


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