How to Mount Ana White Porch Swing


Ana white porch swing – A rustic porch swing can liven up all homes and soon will be a gathering place for your family. There are many styles of porch swing to choose from, with basket and wood two common building materials. Once you have chosen your turn, it will not take long. If you do not get a roof rule to hang your swing, you are better off buying a frame from hanging your porch swing. Inspect your roof beams, otherwise known as beam joints. To properly support the weight of a swing, you must have the rules that measure 2 of 6 feet minimum.

Ana white porch swing, measure the length from the rows down to the floor of the veranda and the length of the chain or rope that comes with your porch swing. Cut the chain with a bolt. Mowers for swing hang at least 18 inches from the ground. Measure the distance between the swing two arms with the tape measure before starting. Use a tape measure and a pen to mark two dots on this same distance; This is where you want to install eye bolts to support your porch swing.

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Start hole in handle (use a ladder if necessary). Screw the eye bolts into these holes so that the eye is hanging down to the ground. Tighten the eye bolts properly. You can use a pliers or a screwdriver as a lever for the last couple of turns. Hang S hook through the eye bolt. Put a link in the chain to the other end of the S-hook. Make sure the gun hangs at least 18 inches from the ground. To protect the wood finish on your Ana white porch swing, bring it inside the end of the season.


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