How to Make Front Porch Awning


Front porch awning – When building a wood truss veranda awning, homeowners are able to permanently install fabric awnings or install movable awnings so the porch lid can act as a pergola whenever desired. Wooden roof rails are fitted with either regulating front bracket or hurricane brackets. Rules buckets mounting rooftops flush with the top of the rack; Hurricane brackets mount the slices on top of the slat. Check building standards in your area to determine if it’s best to use mounting bases to install the posts on the porch or if you have to dig holes for post-installation. Make two marks with a marker on the side of the house. Make a mark on both outer corners of the veranda. If the veranda is longer than 10 meters, make a third mark on the center between the two outer corners, allowing a third post to increase the stability of the structure.

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Mount 2 of 6 inch main book aboard the side of the house at the desired height of the front porch awning, usually 8 to 10 meter high. Connect as many discs as needed to cover the length of the veranda. Attach the card with a backing screw or bolt at one end, leveling the board, add a second bolt, then fasten with two more screws at the other end. When both ends are level and safe, add two more bolts each 4 meters. Install U shaped mounting base each of the outer corners of the veranda. These bases screw in the veranda floor, eliminating the need for post holes. If buried posts are required, dig 3 meter holes, add about 6 inches of gravel and pack gravel to provide a stable ground with sufficient drainage.

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Front porch awning, insert 4-inch insert into the U shaped mounting base rack attached with a screw through each of the guide holes in the bracket. If you have to dig a post hole, put the post into the hole, fill the hole with wet concrete and let it solidify. Hold the post with 2 on 4-inch board while the concrete cures; Insert a screw through an end of 2 by 4 and into the post and then tear the other end of the 2 by 4 down into the ground so that it does not slip. Drill a 1/4 “pilot hole through the tips of posts, about 3 inches from the top. Drill a test hole through the center of each end of a 2 of 6 inch board.

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