How to Install Flush Mount Porch Light


Flush mount porch light – Installing a new recessed mounting light can brighten the appearance of any room while adding comfort and value to your porch. In fact, real estate experts say that upgrading your luminaries is a home improvement project that can attract buyers and help your home sell faster. So if your luminaries are lost in the 50’s, if you are preparing to sell or if you just want to change your decor, you will find a variety of styles to suit your budget and taste. Disconnect the ignition from the circuit board before starting any electrical project. Remove the shade and turn on the bulb of the existing lamp and unscrew the nuts from the lamp base. Gently pull the base away to expose the cables.

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Test the cables flush mount porch light to make sure they are no longer live. Use two legs or a non-contact voltage tester. Use a tester on a known active circuit to make sure it works properly, and then tests the cables first. If you are using a two-pin meter, touch the tip of the tester to the black wire of the junction box. If the tester does not turn on, no power is present. If you use a non-contact tester, place the tester on the ceiling near the base of the lamp. If the tester does not turn on, no power is present.

Unscrew each wire flush mount porch light in this order: direct (black), neutral (white) and ground (copper or green). In each case, remove the plastic cable nut that secures the connection, unroll the cable, and immediately replace the wire nut on the cable coming out of the junction box. Never expose additional wires until the wire nut has been replaced. Bend wires and get out of your way. Screw on your new accessory mounting strap or crossbar into the two threaded holes located on the edge of the box (mounting screws provided). The bar is a 1 inch flat per 4 inch slotted bar, to which the ceiling lamp will be mounted.

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