How to Install Farmhouse Porch Lights


Installation farmhouse porch lights can add additional security to your home by keeping areas clearly lit. Installing two porch lights near your port room doubles the chance of holding the area turned on in case a bulb burns out. Consider using compact fluorescent lights in your porch light. These use less energy and allow you to keep the lights burning longer in the evening. Several porch lights can even prevent uninvited guests by keeping your Port Room bright and visible

Mark the places where you want to install your farmhouse porch lights. Use a 3/4 inch wood or masonry to drill through the exterior wall of your structure. Remove the middle cover sheets from the back of two pancake rack boxes. Install boxes on the outer walls of your structure using masonry or wood screws over drilled holes. Pancake stand boxes are small, round electric boxes 1 / 2- to 3/4-inch in depth. They are mounted on the outside of the structure instead of in the wall. Turn off the power of the lighting circuit by turning off the power switch inside the electrical panel. Remove the cover from the light switch that supplies power to your new veranda light.

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Touch a branch of an electrical tester for a screw on the right side of the connector and touch the remaining branch from the electrical tester to the remaining screw on the right side of the connector. Failure of the tester to light or detect any effect confirms the interruption of the power. Remove screws from the top and bottom of the switch that attaches it to the replacement box. Disconnect and remove the light switch by loosening the two screws on the right side of the light switch and removing the wires underneath them. Draw a length of 12-gauge nonmetallic three-wire cable (12/2 nm) from both the new farmhouse porch lights locations to the switch location.

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