How to Hanging Front Porch Light with Motion Sensors


Hanging front porch light – Motion sensory light can also provide increased security to your property at night because uninvited guests are more likely to be discouraged when the porch lights turn on. Understanding the options you have to install your motion sensory light will guide you to a successful installation. Turn off the power to your porch light by turning off the appropriate power switch. Remove the original luminaries with a screwdriver. Screw a wire nut without touching the exposed wire end. Touch the tip of a touch-proof voltage sample to the exposed end of the wire. If the tester is enabled, then immediately stop your work and return to the power switch and turn off more contacts to make sure the power is cut into the lighting stand. Remove the second wire nut and pull the lighting fixture off of the porch wall.

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How to hanging front porch light with motion sensors. Consider the height and location of your lighting fixture before installation. For a light box that is more than six meters away from the porch, install the luminaries with the motion sensor at the bottom of the luminaries to ensure that it will be activated with normal motion. Lower luminaries can be hung with the motion sensor on either the top or bottom.

Then to hanging front porch light with motion sensors. Match white wire of the luminaries with the white wire of the porch and wrap the luminaries wire clockwise around the exposed end of the porch white wire. Screw a wire nut over the end of the wire to completely cover the exposed end. Attach new lighting fixture with a screwdriver and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn on the switch after turning a bulb and keep your light switch in on able to allow your light to be activated.

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