How to Hang Lantern Porch Lights


Lantern porch lights – From traditional Chinese lanterns to rustic gas light lanterns used by American pioneers, lanterns have lived times and provide a rustic, homely feel. Today you can go with modern incandescent lamps and luminaries to brighten up your porch, but why not go for the unusual and try a lantern instead. Most lanterns, regardless of style, are electric, although some may be battery powered. Whatever kind or style you can accent your porch by hanging your own porch lantern. There are some magic lanterns, something that spells a festive mood. Stringing a line of lanterns along the veranda is a great way to put the mood for a soared. You are only bound by how far you can reach and how long of an extension cord you have at your disposal. With the simplest of tools you can hang your lanterns in a few minutes.

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Outdoor strung lantern porch lights. Disconnect. Make sure that the lanterns are not plugged in before loading them. Measure your string of lanterns. This will help you determine if you have enough lanterns for the area you want to decorate. String them high. Generally occurring lanterns work best hanging from porch roof beams or along the top edge of a fence. Use a ladder to reach these high heights. Never stand on a chair or stool.

Hammer in a nail was 3 or 4 meters along your planned route. You could space the nails further apart, depending on how much slake you look the best. If you hang your lanterns from roof beams, you may want to use screwdrivers instead of the nails. Check the extension cord. In all likelihood, you will need an at least one extension cord to reach an outlet. Make sure you use a certified outdoor extension cord, never indoor chords. Never stand on the top of a ladder. Make sure the lantern porch lights are not plugged in before you tighten them.

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