How to Hang Hanging Porch Lights


Hanging porch lights¬†– is used as fertile as unique pear accessories. Hanging lamps are often found kitchen islands, breakfast tables and bars. During light concentrates light in the work area and offers the conveniences of your porch. There are many different types and colors of ceiling lighting and finding the ideal suspended light on your website to hang will be the most difficult part of your project. Cut delivers the circuit, the power of the pendant light by activating the switch in the main panel. Mount your hanging lamp according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The chain or rod is connected to the trailer and the wiring leads through it. Place the screw clamp loop with the trailer at the opposite end of the chain or rod.

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Screw the nut onto the loop clamping screw and mount the overflow space against the mother. The ring gear ring loop has an external thread and the turn of the threaded nut. The nut has the awning on the ceiling after the installation of the trailer. Position the nipple at the opposite end of the strap neck screw. The buckle of the flange of the screw has an internal thread, which rotates the nipple. The nipple is a small hollow tube with nets on its outer length. Attach the transverse head of the attachment to the opposite end of the nozzle. The accessory bar is a large piece of metal with a circular hole in the center of the nozzle and two holes or grooves on both sides of the circular hole about an inch.

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Secure the electrical box to the ceiling by placing your hanging porch lights trailer mounting rail with screws that are supplied with installation followers. The wiring hung by the screw fitting and wire rod accessories. Find the black, white and bare copper wires in the electrical box. Locate the lower screw wrapping the copper wire peeled from the electrical box into the green of the stem and tighten the screw. Connect the black wire from the electric bike carrier to the black wire of the trailer, rotating an orange wire connector for both cables. Repeat this connection for the white wire of the electrical box and the white wire of the switchgear.

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