How to Design Porch Roof Construction


Porch roof construction Рto blend well with a house requires careful reflection. All porch designs can easily reduce the appearance of a house. Since ceiling lines determine a lot about the building style of a house, the roof of a veranda must match the roof lines of the house. Go through the neighborhoods and consult the home design books to collect ideas. Choose a roof design that seems appropriate for the coming years. Also build a roof that is firm enough to build a built-in room, if the veranda is never closed.

Measure the space for the porch. Sketch the existing house in detail on highlighted paper. Get a building permit and a list of local building codes. Plans to porch roof construction concrete of at least 18 cm if a concrete slab is to be used. Also use concrete support under a wooden veranda. Consult an architect if there is any doubt about the base strength of the veranda base. Make a list of all the materials for the construction of the veranda roof structure and design a budget by consulting the carpenters or experts in the building.

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How to design porch roof construction. Build support posts or columns for the veranda ceiling of not less than 8 by 8 centimeters of wood. Buy finished mail materials because the posts are very visible. Construct the entire roof and sides of a veranda with 2 to 8 centimeters of pressure impregnated wood. Screw all shelves to the housing structure for the bolts, as the veranda roof is extremely heavy. Install the 18-inch ceiling beams and cover with half-inch multiplex sheets. Install the blinking metal along the seam where the roof of the veranda meets the wall of the house. Cover the veranda with metal sheets or asphalt shingles. Use multiplexing plates under the veranda and for a more beautiful look. Close and paint all exposed wooden parts of the ceiling so that the channels can be installed to meet the home crane system.

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