How to Construct Shed Roof Porch


Shed roof porch – A home porch can be the most suitable place to build a shed. But overall structural integrity requires shed roof is attached to the house’s existing roofs. How it binds in the existing ceiling depends on the design of the ceiling and the angle of the slope is desired on the shelf ceiling. Usually, a shed comes a slope at a much milder angle than in a house. Support for hidden ceilings can range from simple posts to wood or brickwork columns and the roof can be covered with metal or vinyl sheets or with shingles to match the existing roof.

How to construct shed roof porch. Remove shingles from existing roofs in the area where the new ceiling will attach. Leave that wooden ornament on, but find out the roof rails or floor tiles to support the roof. Attach a chalk line over the old roof deck to mark the position of an onboard board, to keep the roof tops on the ceiling. Install a 2-of-6-inch accounting board width of the roof extension, attach with the backing bolts to the ceiling of the existing ceiling. Cut the outside service of the Borden so that they will rise to a height under the board’s accounts. Install posts on the outside of the porch if no one was placed when the porch was added. Place your 4-by-4 inch crown bar over posts or columns you have installed.

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Then to construct shed roof porch. Install ceiling beams to connect the main board and outer beam. Use metal rafter hangers, like nails to the main board and finally the beam. These U-shaped buckles hold off rafts in place. They are nailed to the account or the beam and rafter fits inside and is nailed to the gallows from the side. Space trusses 24 inches apart the width of the veranda.


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