How to Change the Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring


Tongue and groove porch flooring – Porch flooring is installed in a similar way to interior wood floors, with cards nailed and held together in the sides with tongue and nut fittings. However, it’s very long, so you can put it a board to a course, instead of kidding short boards (because you have to put the veranda plank directly over the floor). Let boards get used to the local environment for at least one week before installation.

How to change the tongue and groove porch flooring. Remove all old shelves from the rails, with your hammer and pry bar. Pull all remaining nails from the rules. Wide out deck boards on the ground, face down. Paint the back and sides of boards with a thin layer of moisture-seal primer. Allow the primer to dry for one day. Measure the length of the veranda, perpendicular to the floor layer. First cut on board the length of your saw.

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Then to change the tongue and groove porch flooring. Position the first board in place with one edge of the bridge, with the grooved side facing the housing. Leave a 3/8 gap on the wall. Attach the card to the spot by pushing the pair of nails through the surface at each point where it crosses a rule. Measure and cut the other shelf. Set it in place next to the first, to connect them by their tongue and tongue edges. Continue cutting and nailing in planks, building across the porch. Length-cut last board on a table saw, if necessary, so it fits along the outer edge of the bridge. Prime and paint the surface of the veranda. Tips and warnings. If your porch layout allows, you can install boards without cutting them first, but let each one hang at the end and then cut them all at once in a line along the edge of the bridge, with a circular saw.

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