How to Change Antique Porch Light Fixtures


Antique porch light fixtures – Whether a regular jelly jar tripod is available for a few dollars at most home centers or a more upscale unit with more bulbs, patio luminaires are usually mounted on an outer wall or porch ceiling. They can extend the use of a veranda or terrace for long after dark, and offer a degree of security by illuminating the area near a home’s rear entrance door. Replacing a antique porch light fixtures can upgrade the appearance of the front room

Turn off the power switch to feed your antique porch light fixtures on the main switch box. Unscrew, but do not remove, the finger screws around the top of the glass globe. Lower the globe from the luminaire and set it aside. Remove the bulb. Loosen and remove the thumbscrews securing the bottom of the patio lights to the exterior wall or porch ceiling. Pull the luminaire away from the mounting surface slightly to reveal the electrical wires. Place a no-electrical test near the wires to check that there are no current runs through it. Screw plastic wire nuts from the electrical wires that come from the old tripod. Turn the exposed wires with pliers to release the retainer from the wall or ceiling.

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Hold the new stand close to the mounting surface and the electrical wires coming out of the electric box light. Twist the black cord from the luminaire to the black wire from the electric box with pliers. Slide the stand flat against the wall or ceiling; push the excess wires into the cavity of the electrical box so that it is not clamped at the edge of the luminaire’s mounting base. Insert fixing screws through the mounting holes at the bottom of the luminaire and into threaded holes in the electrical box and tighten clockwise with a star screwdriver. Install bulb or bulbs in your antique porch light fixtures. Turn on the power again on the main switch box. Test the functionality of the luminaire by turning the light switch on. Install the cover or globe on your new light using the instructions that came with the luminaire.

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