How to Build Front Porch Handrails


Front porch handrails – If you have recently built a porch in your home or just finished remodeling an existing one, the next step is to add railings. Railings give the porch a finished look and provide an aesthetic visual limit. The handrails can be left in natural wood color either to combine or contrast the color of the canopy. The task requires only some electric hand tools and a free weekend or two. Measure the distance between each post on the porch to know how much wood you need. Record the measurements and buy enough lumber to make the lids and rail bottoms along with 1 by 2 inch wood to make the 2 by 2 inch slats.

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Front porch handrails, put on protective goggles and cut 2 by 2 inch wood to form the top and bottom of the railing. Cut enough wood 2 by 2 inches to fill each gap between the porch posts. Measure and cut 1 by 2 inch wood to make splints. You can space the slats approximately 6 inches apart. Lay two woods cut 2 by 2 inches between each post of the porch to make sure each one fits.

Fasten the slats to the bottom of the railing with a nail gun and then attach the top of the rail to the slats to make full section front porch handrails panel. Attach the section manufactured panels to the post porch with metal corner reinforcements using a gun and screws. Sand the handrail to soften and then apply a primer coat. Allow the primer to dry for about three hours or as long as recommended by the manufacturer and then paint to match the porch. Apply a layer of cover sealer over the wooden railings after that.

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