How to Attach Enclosing a Porch for Living Space


Around an enclosing a porch for living space is a big task, simplified because the existing porch floor and ceiling can be used without major changes. Then the veranda is surrounded by walls, which allows for possible repairs of doors and windows in existing house wall, which allows the outer skin to be laid and the internal walls are supplemented with insulation and plaster. It will probably need some help and in the case of plumbing or power plants that need professional help.

Plan your enclosing a porch for living space. Decide on adding heat / cooling, electrical service or sanitation; they will need to recruit professionals and should be planned first. Definitely, if you have to close all the doors or windows in the main building and what doors and windows you need in the new living room. Determine how to handle, match the existing house or use another material, perhaps woodworking on an existing block structure. Make a list of materials and quantities and order them.

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How to attach enclosing a porch for living space. Remove old clothes and other items from the existing house, as well as any shelves or other obstacles on the porch. You want to start with only one floor (preferably concrete) and one roof. If covered columns are wooden columns and are healthy, they can be used. If they are metal, replace them (you need a temporary label support if you drag the old columns and install it new) or install them in a wooden frame. Install a base plate for your new walls. Use double 2-for-4-treated plates, with an insulating moisture barrier at the bottom. You can drill in concrete and cement in anchor bolts running through the bottom plate or with special concrete nails or nuts to secure the bottom 2 to 4; It has to be solved. Then install a top plate; If the wood has a wooden stack, you can use it.

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